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Minecraft Crafting - The Strength of the ItemsEdit

Minecraft crafting is the art of creating objects needed for surviving in the Minecraft game. With the use of various resources, you, as the player, can make various tools, armors, swords, and a lot more.

All the things that you will make will last longer and work more efficiently if made from better resources. In the game, there is a damage bar under every item so you will know how long that the objects that you are using can last or if it is ready to break and evaporate.

And to know how sturdy the material that you will use for crafting objects, look at the “n” equation, it symbolizes the durability of the material. The number of uses is also stated in the equation and it goes something like this, 2 (n+3). This means, you can use the item twice and its strength is 3.

If you strike a monster or completely tore down a block when building something, the use is counted and subtracted from the given number of use. On the other hand, if you pause while working on a block and didn’t break it completely, the use against your tool is not counted. And, in case you use certain equipment for some purpose other than its original function, two counts of uses is deducted. For instance, you use a sword for digging where you should have used the shovel.

Lastly, the armor that you have made through Minecraft crafting, and is using to protect yourself will be able to withstand damage. But the armor’s protective ability has a limit too. Keep in mind that the damage percentage that your armor can endure is hinged on the armor points and the remaining number of uses.

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